Foreign Exchange is a series of global collaborations w/ friends of the Open Canvas international creative community
Photo and Artistic Direction: Charly G. x Goldie Williams
Model: @gadouog
Location: Paris, France


open canvas


Thoughts on the collaboration from Paris Photographer Charly G:

"Goldie and I knew each other from the photography world, I really love his work. We kind knew we would work together on some projects one day, we share a common mindset. Foreign Exchange for the Open Canvas was the perfect fit to melt our skills.

It was really interesting to work around open canvas clothing repping our city. Paris is home, I went everywhere chasing light and places, and Goldie has a strong Parisian vibe in his work so working together was very fluid.

In my opinion the creative community has no boundaries at all and Open Canvas is the proof of that. We all come from different cities and countries around the world but the creative aspect of our work connects us naturally, no matter what. It’s more about a mindset and not a style or a certain type of work.

I’m really looking forward for what’s coming next with Open Canvas. Love"

- Charly G.