Episode 49: Brasil's Thais Rosa Pinheiro

thais open canvas




Thais Rosa Pinheiro is an young entrepreneur from Rio De Janeiro, and Founder of Conectando Territorios.


thais brasil

Words from Photographer Vikki Marie Page

"These photos form part of an ongoing series by Vikki Marie Page on Feminine Power through photography, exploring what it is to be an empowered woman and of how we women see and identify ourselves outside of objectified and sexualised imagery. Central to this series is the creation of dialogue and exchange between women (the photographer and subject) throughout the creative process, it is about the creativity of women, our agency and our self-definition and identification. The ability to speak for ourselves, tell our own stories of who we are and make our own images of ourselves is central to healing from generations of patriarchal oppression and objectification. In each set of photos specific narratives emerge, particular to that moment of play, experimentation and exchange of ideas between female photographer and subject."

For more on this series follow Vikki Marie Page on Instagram @vikki_marie_page and #femininepowerphotography.